We provide comprehensive international HR consultancy services to our clients, ranging from large corporations to small businesses, across various sectors including private, public and non-profit organizations. Our team is dedicated to improving our clients’ economics, minimizing risks, and enhancing their processes in a timely manner. We have offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, and UAE.

Our services include:

Recruitment: We provide end-to-end recruitment solutions, including job analysis, job descriptions, candidate sourcing, interviewing, selection and onboarding. We ensure that the recruitment process is efficient, effective and compliant with local laws and regulations.

Outsourced HR Services: We provide high-quality outsourced HR services, including redundancy selection, outplacement and talent management. Our expert team ensures that these services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and delivered within quick turnaround times.

Risk Management: We help our clients minimize risks by providing expert advice on HR policies and procedures, compliance with local laws and regulations, and managing employee relations.

Process Improvement: We work closely with our clients to identify areas for improvement in their HR processes and develop customized solutions to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

International Expansion: We support our clients in expanding their business internationally, by providing expert advice on HR issues related to cross-border operations, including managing cultural differences, complying with local laws and regulations, and managing employee mobility.

At AIM CONSULTANCY, Our aim is to help organizations build a strong, skilled workforce that is equipped to meet the challenges of a constantly changing business environment. Whether you are looking for support in recruitment, employee engagement, or talent management, our team of experienced HR professionals is here to help.