AIM CONSULTANCY is one of the best manpower recruitment agency that works in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the Government of India, and consulates and embassies to complete all attestation/apostille administrative tasks. We handle all governmental and non-governmental tasks related to recruitment services, visa stamping, and document attestation to serve the interests of our client’s government, allowing them to dedicate their full attention to candidate evaluation.

AIM CONSULTANCY understands your situation and thus provides the best Document Attestation services. We have established good relationships with various government agencies and officers as a result of our collaborative efforts and the assistance of our professionals, which allows us to make the process easier and less time-consuming. Over the years, we have got better understanding of this process and thus, we assure you of getting your documents attested within a very short period of time.

Nowadays, before hiring someone, every country thoroughly investigates the authenticity of their provided certificates, both educational and professional. Thus, the process of legalizing the certificates is different from carrying out a normal attestation process and provides proof that the certificate issued to the concerned person is authentic and he holds the right to own it.

Our extensive experience and knowledge have helped us become a pioneer in this industry, giving us the advantage of offering complete attestation services in a quick and simple manner.

We accept documents from individuals as well as representatives and provide attestation services from the Ministry of HRD (Human Resource Development), MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), Embassies, Consulates, and other government authorities.

Similarly to this, NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) who need assistance getting their documents attested from any State HRD, Notary, MEA, or other Embassy in India can get in touch with our agency for first-rate support.

AIM CONSULTANCY provides genuine Attestation/Apostille services in the following areas:

HRD Attestation

State Attestation

Chamber of Commerce Attestation

Language Translation Services

Personal Documents Attestation

– Birth Certificate

– Medical Certificate

– Marriage Certificate

– Divorce Certificate

– Experience/ Employment Certificate

– Death Certificate

– Educational Documents Attestation

– Degree Certificate

– Diploma Certificate

Our customer service representatives provide you with detailed information about the related documents that must be provided before the attestation process can begin.

Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information on document legalization from the MEA, HRD, Embassy, and other relevant departments.